WinForm Gauge

High Performance .NET Windows Form Gauge for info-graphics and real-time dashboard.


WinForm Gauge binary and source code are licensed under MIT License and free for commercial use.

.NET NuGet Package

Sample Application

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Light Theme

Create colorful and elegant visualization control for your WinForms application.

  • Circular Gauge

  • Linear Gauge

  • Rectangular Indicator

Dark Theme

Create beautiful dark theme dashboard on the fly.

Easy to use

Create and deploy gauges with minimum coding.

Animation Ready

Incremental value update with animation.

Warning & Error Limit

Gauge color changed when value goes beyond defined limit.

Common Interface

Common data interface separate application logic and GUI design.

Gauge Info

Display gauge info: Range, limits on mouse over or mouse click.


Render with high performance GDI+ library.


Easy resize font and control to fit your need.

Light Weight

No dependency on other 3rd party packages.

Event Aware

Value update handle by event triggered from GaugeBase class

Sample Application

Windows system performance monitor.
Try it yourself, get example from SourceForge


WinForm Gauge Class Diagram.

  • CircularGauge, LinearGauge, RectangleIndicator are Windows Forms control class.

  • Gauge value can be either set from value property or assign to gauge object using GaugeData object.

Full Features + Source Code

Source Code

Acquire full C# source code for your own customization.

Customize Theme

Take control on every single property and create your own theme.

Take Full Control

Customize animation speed and update rate.

Unlock your imagination

Create or customize your own gauge with WinForm Gauge framework.

Full source code is available for advance user and developer.